Monday, 4 April 2011

Some times you just have to cut your losses M337 TMA01

Well my somewhat disjointed attempt at the first TMA for M337 has been completed or at least what I've been able to do. I really found this a bit of a struggle and I feel like I'm walking through treacle. Sometimes what to do is quite straightforward other times it really is a struggle. For example we had to show that a function is conformal this is defined vaguely as a function which is angle preserving. One way of showing that a function is conformal is to calculate it's derivative and show that it is non zero and analytic at a point. OK but the question did not give a specific point neither did the course material give any general criteria for showing that a function is conformal.

Another really confusing point for me and this seemed to infect a large number of the questions was the domain of Log(z) which is continuous every where apart from the negative real axis. Ok fine but again there was a lot of ambiguity in specific questions.

I really will have to go over these blocks again. In the mean time I should have done enough to get a grade 2 pass for this TMA so as the deadline is Wednesday I just have to cut my losses and put it in the post first thing tomorrow.

In contrast M208 so far is proving a real joy and light relief to M337, No doubt in a years time (fingers crossed) I'll look back at M337 and wonder what the fuss is about. It should get better as we progress as the questions appear to be more calculational (which I prefer) rather than sketch this set, sketch that set, specify the domain of this function. Why doesn't this function have an inverse whereas another one has and What is the geometric effect of this transformation and so forth all of which there seems to be an undue emphasis on in the early part of M337.  

Finish off writing the Group theory TMA for M208 tomorrow, then a few intensive days whilst I try and complete the first TMA for Statistics course. At least the statistics should be straightforward if tedious.
I'll let you know.

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