Thursday, 3 December 2015

M346 Linear Statistical Modelling TMA01

So finished the first TMA01 for the linear statistical modelling course M346
This course is dull as dishwater but a necessary evil for me to complete my maths and statistics degree

The first question covered the usual stuff t tests, various distributions and chi squared and F tests and a bit of hypothesis testing.

All quite mind numbingly tedious you look up the formulae in Unit 1 and apply them

Question 2 covered how to use Gen Stat to test for normality and how to use the tools to calculate various probabilities

Question 3 covered linear regression the first a straightforward application of linear regression to a data set and the other requiring a transformation of the variables. You are taught how to interpret the linear regression output from GenStat

Really am going to die of boredom from this course but wont give up as I need the qualification

Not even sure what this is doing in a maths course as there are no derivations or proofs in the course

Addendum 16th DEC 

Got the tma back on Monday 4 marks short of distinction
lost marks on the transformation question as I didn't think of transforming the x variable and made a silly mistake in the linear regression question as I used the prediction of mean instead of future prediction. Still my tutor has provided a really useful summary of the correct answers

Probably heading for grade 2 if I don't die of boredom before I aim to do 1 questions from the TMA's per week, Might even finish the 2nd TMA over the Xmas holidays