Monday, 29 August 2016

Decisions again MST326 0r Not MST326

As well as doing S383 I have a week to decide whether or not to do MST326 again
I hadn't realised that if you fail as I did you can retake the whole module again at some point and not get your marks downgraded


I have revised my interest in partial differential equations

If I get say grade 2 along with a grade 2 in M303 I could start the MSc in 2 years time

If I decide not to do it then I will have to wait 2 years before taking it again I can't see me doing this alongside M303 next year so its now or never


Money and time as always :)

It is a tough one

Speaking of Partial Differential equations I am currently trying to understand the solution of Schrodinger's equation in parabolic coordinates. I have seen it mentioned in a few books but the solutions are only sketched out. It turns out that it is possible to solve Schrodinger.s equation in 11 of the orthogonal coordinates but most courses just concentrate on the well known spherical polar coordinate system. It would be an interesting exercise over the next few years to see how feasible it is to solve Schrodinger's equation in all eleven coordinate systems.

and with the power of computer graphics plot out the solutions Watch this space (but don't hold your breath)