Sunday, 10 April 2011

Math JAX

As some of you will have seen I've tried to incorporate math JAX on this blog however I can't get it to work
thus what should appear as a nice  x squared term comes out simply as $x^2$ or even $$x^2$$

Post 11/04/11 In light of the partial success I removed the rather defunct script but I stiil hate Computers !!

For reasons only known to the guru's of cypberspace Whilst Math JAX appears to work for the visible pages it doesn't seem to be able to update old posts even though when I preview the amendments it seems to incorporate the LATEX. As a result my old post on group theory is even more incomprehensible than ever.

On a brighter note finished both TMA's for M337 and M208, but still need to make inroads into the statistics. I shall have to take at least one day off next week.

Best wishes Chris


  1. You are including the MathJax script in your page twice. This could cause a timing issue and unpredictable behavior. Looking at the source for this page I would guess you should remove the line:

    <script type="text/javascript"

  2. Thanks I tried removing the extra lines but that seemed to kill Latex altogether so I'll stick with what I have as it sort of works which is how a relate to computers anyway