Sunday, 26 April 2015

M346 Linear Statistical Modelling

Well after two years absence from the OU I have decided to complete my BSc in Mathematics and Statistics under the old regulations I need to do two 3rd level statistics modules namely M346 Linear Statistical modelling and M347 Mathematical Statisitics and these need to be completed by 2017.

As I'm busy with other things namely music theory and piano and also my own studies I feel it best to do one module at a time. So will do M346 first and then M347. I did start M346 a while back but it got in the way of other OU courses and to be quite frank I wasn't all that impressed with it to say the least. soo I abandoned it

Maybe I will find it better 2nd time around however it is a necessary step for a named degree so I shall treat it a bit more seriously than I did last time

Apologies for not posting for a while.My immediate focus is on grade 6 music theory and I shall be sitting the exam on June 20th. Then start preparing for Grade 2 piano in November.

As far as maths is concerned I have been working through the Cambridge Mathematical methods example sheet on Fourier Series

The first half of Sheet 8a

The last problem has imtroduced me to a phenomenon which I haven't come across before called the Gibbs phenomenon. Namely that near a discontinuity such as those found in a square wave there will always be an overshoot or undershoot in the Fourier Series no matter how many terms in the series are taken. When I have written up the problem I'll describe it in more detail in my next post.