Saturday, 18 December 2010

Test of Dropbox

Thanks to Nilo he pointed me to a way in which files can be shared called dropbox. As a test of whether or not it works I enclose a link to my simplified big bang calculation

As stated in an earlier post, it is quite surprising just how a simple calculation like this can get close to the results for the real calculation. I know that there is speculation that the extrapolation from the 1st 100th second backwards breaks down, however this bit is I would claim robust physics, in that it is the only convincing explanation of the relative abundances of Hydrogen and Helium in the early universe. A large piece of the jigsaw. Given the relative simplicity of the calculation it should be accessible to any one with a mathematical knowledge equivalent to MS121 and physics at the level of S207 or anyone with A level/higher physics and A level/higher mathematics. As such I believe it should be more widely known. If the dropbox link works I'll post a whole lot of other files here. At the minute this is a pdf of a word document I hope over the next year or so to migrate to LaTEX.

Best wishes Chris.

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