Sunday, 3 July 2016

Update S383 and M303

Hi sorry for not blogging for a while other priorities and so forth
Anyway I got bored with linear statistical modelling so couldn't motivate myself to complete it My track record for dropping out of OU courses isn't looking so good.
However I have decided to register for S383 Relativistic Universe

which starts in September

I then intend to do M303 which I have been lucky enough to get the materials for

I will then have enough credits to get my second Open university Open degree
After that who knows I believe it is possible to study modules separately rather than as part of a degree as I have no inclination to do a whole load of level 1 courses for the sake of a degree
I am tempted to essentially build up a portfolio of second level courses followed by a third level course

Topics I would like to study include Chemistry, Economics and Biology and I dare say completing the third level philosophy course would be useful as well. I think it would be quite satisfying to do a second level course followed by a third level course I'll see how things pan out after M303

In the mean time almost by coincidence there is a coursera course on Galois theory starting up looks quite intimidating but I have the OU M303 books to give me background in ring and field theory

At any rate I shall get some idea of what the topic is all about.

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