Monday, 5 October 2015

Long term plans

So my (current) long term plans are as follows

2015 - 2016  M346 Linear Statistical Modelling
2016 - 2017 M347 Mathematical Statistics and possibly M140

So hopefully I will then have a BSc in Maths and Statistics

Then I shall build on what I have already to convert this to a Maths and Economics degree
For which I will need the 2 economics courses
2017 -2018       DD209 Running the economy
2018-2019        DD309 Doing Economics People Markets and Policy

and also the Maths Methods course MST224 which I would do alongside DD209 probably

Then having got the economics courses under my belt I could go on to do the Politics Philosophy and Economics degree by doing the 2nd level politics course,

2019-2020      DD211 Understanding politics: ideas and institutions in the modern world 

Then a third level politics course and finally the third level philosophy course. So that would complete 3 Open university degrees within the next 7 years or so. 

Concurrently I would be continuing with my music studies Grade 6 theory beckons in a months time 
then Grade 7 and
Grade 8. Also by the middle of next year  I would hope (money permitting to embark on the Open College of Arts composition course with the aim of writing an extended piece of music within the next 5 years or so.

So that should keep me busy for a while. 

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