Friday, 28 August 2015

Two Songs

Here are two songs that I have set to poems written by my girlfriend Angela

The first comfort me  was written just after I completed A224, The lyrics are as follows

                                       Lullaby  by Angela Brown

                                       Sing me a lullaby as I drift to sleep
                                       Hold me so close, whilst my dreams secrets keep.
                                       Lie still beside me, feel the bond that's deep.
                                      Sing me a lullaby as I drift to sleep.

                                       Whisper how precious worlds that collided  now reap.
                                        Kiss me so gently  for I dare not weep.
                                       Sing me a lullaby as I drift to sleep.

                                       Tell me your sorrows for I am not weak.
                                       Trust in a future we both dare to seek.
                                       Sing me a lullaby, as I drift to sleep.

The Scorch file is here and for those who don't want to download Scorch I've included the midi file.

Midi File

Musically the accompaniment is based on a figure from Bach's C Major Prelude. The song starts in   Eb major and by the end of the first phrase has modulated to Bb major. For the second verse a musical interlude faciliates the moduluation to C minor and then for the final verse the song finds its way back to Eb major. A iib-V7-I cadence in Eb major finishes the song off. For those who managed to down load the Scorch file the roman numerals under the Bass clef give the chords.
Each phrase more or less follows the Harmonic Scheme I -  - ii vi - IV -V -1 and modulation is effected by pivot chords usually     vi - ii for the modulation from Eb major to Bb major and for the transition to the minor key
The second one Angel Man went through a number of iterations and was finally completed earlier this week. Angela envisages some one who is troubled when an Angel visits them whilst he\she is walking through a garden or park  giving them reassurance that things will work out ok

                                              An  Angel Man by Angela Brown

                                               Let's take a walk he said to me
                                               Through a garden filled with love
                                               I will help you set your mind free
                                               To help you hear all those from above
                                               This journey is from me to you
                                                I will give you knowledge rare
                                               Inner peace and blessings true
                                               Gifts for in abundance for you to share
                                               He kissed me gently and said it is done
                                               For your work now has just begun.

The accompaniment is that of a stride (appropriate for a walk) and I have used what might be called the magic formula of music, namely the circle of 5ths harmonic progression. That is each chord  follows the harmonic scheme I-IV-vii-III-vi-ii-V-I, with two chords to a bar.

The song starts in D major modulates to A major then to B minor and back to D major again using pivot chords.

One thing that is quite remarkable is how following a basic chord progression enables pieces of music to be created quite easily. Almost algorithmic in fact.

The Scorch file is here

and the midi file is here

I hope you enjoy both the words and music


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