Thursday, 6 November 2014

Grade 1 piano Resit

Hi first of all apologies for not posting for a while. I guess without the pressure of OU TMA's there is not that much to post about

Anyway today I resat my grade 1 piano exam. I felt a lot more comfortable than before and think I've done enough to pass but it won't be a great one. So how do I feel slightly ambivalent to say the least. I know on a good day I can knock off the pieces set for grade 1 no problem, but in a different environment it's not so easy. I still had problems adjusting to the feel of the piano in the church as opposed to my home one. Maybe I should ask the church if I can spend a few hours practisinng on their piano.

So I stumbled on most of the tasks I was asked to do but unlike last time I was able to recover. Is that enough to pass who knows hopefully yes but for me piano playing isn't a natural thing. I'll persist in practice and see how far I can go, until I really do hit a brick wall.

As for other stuff I have been trying to understand the cosmological revolution of the late 1990's where it was established that the current universe is

a) Accelerating

b) Appear's to consist of 70% dark energy and 30% matter of which 26% is so called dark matter and only 4% is baryonic matter

c) Flat

I hope to finish my write up of this by the start of the new year until then watch this space

Best wishes Chris

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  1. Hi Chris. I hope you do manage to pass your piano exam this time and good luck with your future piano practicing. Trying to get to the bottom of why the universe is filled with energy and matter that we have no understanding for is going to be a major thing when it finally happens. Perhaps it will be another of those game-changer moments when we do reach an understanding.