Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Grade 1 piano exam result

Well I just failed got 94 out of 150

When it came to the exam I just freaked out

Whilst I don't want to make excuses the fact that the piano was an actual piano as opposed to a digital one meant it was a totally different experience to my normal clavinova. And even in the warm up room there was only a digital piano. So despite having gone through the routine 2 or 3 times in the warm up room I was totally unprepared and it was a downward spiral I fluffed a note on the first scale that made me tense and nervous then I fluffed the first piece and the second and so on. It was about the most ghastly ten minutes I've spent in a long time

Ok so I became dis-orientated but at least I know what it is to expect and I would hope next time around I'll do much better

In the mean time I'm plowing my own furrow with the help of stuff on the internet


His approach is amazing he writes out the notes on a white board and copying them onto  a bit of paper definitely helps in the initial stages of learning a pieve. Going to try and learn the first movement of the moonlight sonataover the next few weeks,  following his approach here is the first lesson (which is free)


For budding pianists his site is definitely the best


  1. Well done for attempting the grade 1 exam. I think that it is really challenging for an adult to calm the nerves for any sort of practical exam. When we were kids, we didn't care.

    You've cracked the hard bit (theory exam). I look forward to raising a pint, when you smash your next piano exam out of the park.

    Best wishes