Thursday, 22 May 2014

dangers of OU fora

Hi this is more of  a warning to myself and others about the dangers of the OU fora. I have effectively  wasted  a large amount of mine and other peoples time getting involved in a long running dispute which has been continuing for about 2 years with my bete noir.  Those who read the fora especially the philosophy ones will have been the victim of this dispute. It's not important what the actual details are but safe to say my sparring partner is one of those people who evades the issue, keeps twisting and turning and so makes it difficult to answer his points.

Anyway as I say I have wasted so much time getting sucked in to the so called debate. that I really don't want to discuss it further. I will do my best to ignore this person and I want to apologise to any one who got sucked into the debate

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