Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Result for M358 Quantum Mechanics

Well Results are out for SM358 quantum mechanics I got a grade 2 (just) actually the examiners this time were on the generous side
As I got 67% for the exam which technically should have been a grade 3 and 90% for the Assessment.

It does seem a bit arbirtrary looking over the past courses

M208 I got 84% in the exam and averaged over 85% for the assessment and didn't not get distinction

MS324 I got 67% in the exam and got over 80% for the assessment but did not get grade 2

M338 Topology just scrapped a pass at 40% although I think my marks were below that in the exam so passed

MST326 got 37% in the exam and above 80% for the assessment but failed.

It's a bit worrying that depending on the whim of an examiner you can miss out on a grade.  


  1. Well done. You have acheived a lot in the last few years.

  2. I just re-read the above and noted the travesty of the stroke of an examiners pen, meaning that you missed out on M208 grade 2, by one mark. They must have been feeling very mean, that day.


  3. The Examinations and Assessment Board meeting for each module is where they decide on the boundaries for each of the grades, they spend hours going through exam scripts to make it fair with an external examiner from another University.