Sunday, 18 August 2013

Statisical and Solid State Physics

Well it's nearly the end of SM358 unfortunately the open university has no where else to go as far as quantum physics is concerned. A next logical step is Statistical Physics and Solid State Physics A search through the internet has yielded these two courses which seem to give a good over view of the subject and are based on courses given to those in their third year at Oxford and Cambridge whats more they have problem sheets associated with them

Statistical Physics

Solid State Physics

If any one is interested in forming a study group to work through these courses after the exams could they please let me know. Obviously we would have to share any solutions amongst our selves as if they were published on the internet then the authors might well restrict access to the lecture notes.

Two suitable textbooks to accompany both might be

and by the author of the solid state course himself (and honour would suggest the least we could do is buy his book)

I have also been looking at the diffraction theory behind the discovery of DNA it really is quite clever and I hope to write up a paper which covers the theory and goes through the actual calculations. Watch this space

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