Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Results Out

Well got my results as predicted Grade 4 for Topology and Grade 3 for Waves pretty disappointing really
will try and post reviews later on. Apologies for not posting for about a month but heard early in November that my mum had broken her hip and has severe dementia. Things are under control social services are looking out for her and she is in the best possible place hopefully she'll be able to move back in the home early next year neeedless to say haven't really haven't concentrated much on OU work.

Anyway I'll try and post reviews of both M338 topology and MS324 Waves in the next week or so. Must admit feeling a bit trapped by my OU commitments at the minute. The switch to October starts hasn't really helped either

Will probably just do M381 next year to recuperate and develop my piano and ABRSM skills.

So all in all a bit depressing really. Congratulations to those who have done better than me.

Will probably post a bit of a rant about the Anglican churches refusal to ordain women as bishops this weekend.



  1. Told you you'd pass Chris! ;-)
    These exams are hard. I refuse to feel bad about doing rubbish ;-)

  2. Just read your results comiserations all round still well done getting grade 3 for topology thats probably the hardest course I'll ever do until (if) I get to fractals and functional analysis for the MSc

  3. Congratulations on passing these exams Chris. Try not to feel too disappointed given the complexity of what you were doing. I cheated and took two years to do what whould be done in a year.

    I am sorry to hear about your mum. My mum also has dementia (though not severe), so I can appreciate the difficulties.

    All the best, Duncan.

  4. You did well to juggle all of those commitments Chris, so don't beat yourself up. Those October switches are not very friendly, as you probably don't feel like you've had a break, at all.

    Best wishes


  5. Will echo the sentiments here already Chris - 2 x more level three passes in the bag = well done in anyone's book.
    M343's result isn't out yet, thankfully.

  6. Congrats on passing even if you're a bit disappointed. I got my hoped-for Grade 2 for MS324 Waves etc but the exam was tough.


  7. Hi Chris
    Sorry about the late comment. I had planned to blog my own results, but what with work, decorating, starting the latest course, and the rest of it, I still have yet to find the time. Well, I have had the time, but never fancied using it for the blog.
    Congratulations on getting through these very tough courses. Obviously I can't comment on Waves, but I think we're all in agreement that the Topology exam was a bast! Like everyone else, I was disappointed with my results (I did put them here, but then thought it was rude to hijack your comments section like that). I am most upset with my Groups and Geometry result, as I really don't know where I dropped all those marks!
    Oh well, we can only pick ourselves up, dust off and get cracking on with the next course. Only that's not easy with no break, is it? Unsurprisingly, I am already behind, and with a ton of work on the go at the moment, I really wonder how I'll make my first assignment.
    Clearly, we are all masochists!
    Best of luck with everything.
    Neil H

  8. Well comiserations guess there's quite a few of us who were disappointed by the results I'd like to think it was because the material was harder but Topology did not really grab me and this had a knock on effect on the Waves course. We can all play if only at least I'm only doing this for fun so it doesn't really matter apart from the blow to the ego and all that. I feel like you as well way behind in both my courses the lack of break just hasn't helped at all. Roll on June when this nightmare will be over.