Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Current Plans

Well despite the debacle of the third TMA for MS324 I'm pressing ahead with my plans. I decided to register for the new OU music course in preparation for my serious attempt at composition via the Open college of Arts which I hope to start in June/July 2013 (depending on Funds)

As far as maths is concerned I'll be doing M381 (Number theory and logic) and MST326 (Fluids and mathematical methods). That will then finish the maths at undergraduate level in preparation for the MSc. I will complete my second open degree in October 2013 by doing the OU third level philosophy course AA308 in its last incarnation. That will set me up for an MA in philosophy by distance learning via St Davids University


Ok so the focus is Continental Philosophy and not analytic philosophy but I'm not aiming to become an academic philosopher and I feel that analytic philosophy suffers to some extent from 'Science Envy' in that it is trying to do science or mathematics without actually engaging with the subject. If I want to learn about maths or science I'll do maths and science and not philosophise about it. I'm tempted to paraphrase Bernard Shaw and say that those who can do maths and science do it those who cant philosophise about it. Yes it's important to understand why some of the problems associated with the interpretation of quantum mechanics cant be resolved, but having done that why would anyone think they have a magic key which is going to solve all the problems that other people have missed,

On the other hand Continental philosophy engages with real issues. Whilst not many people have heard of Michael Dummett, or Quine, plenty have heard of Marx, Nietszche, Schopenhauer, Sartre Foucault etc.

Also to some extent one has to make use of the opportunities available. Were I to go down the route of doing say the London external BA there would be no follow up available whereas St Davids university offers at least an MA pathway by distance learning and the opportunities to go onto a PhD.

Were London University to abandon their snobbish attitude to distance learning at Postgraduate level and open up their MA to distance learners then I might be tempted. However as that is not possible at present I'll stick with St David's.
So next year is about finishing my undergraduate maths courses, doing the new OU music course in preparation for embarking on serious composition. The years after will hopefully see me complete my compostion training, my MA in European philosophy and most if not all of the MSc in maths. Hopefully all this can be achieved in 5 years time when I'll be 60.

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  1. Sounds like you are going to be having a busy time Chris. I hope you eventually get to do your composition course and perhaps one day we will hear a bit of Chris F symphony!

    Hope we can meet up again soon.