Monday, 9 January 2012

M338 Topology First Impressions

Well the website for M338 Topology has opened although I still have to receive the materials. Still it gave me a chance to look at the units ahead it's like a sandwich really Abstract Topology, Geometric Topology and then more Abstract Topology. The first block is a brisk review of continuity on the Real line including the epsilon delta definition of continuity before extending it to Euclidean spaces. This is a prelude to metric spaces and then properties of open and closed sets culminating in a general definition of continuity based on open sets. The first TMA (10%) is based solely on the first unit of block A and doesn't have to be done until  Feb 24th (although it will soon catch up with me). My strategy for this course is to try and do it in small chunks one or two subsections per day and instead of just focusing on what the TMA questions ask and working backwards. I want to try and do the units more systematically than I have done in previous courses. Well thats the intention anyway. I think Topology will be one of the hardest courses I've done so far but the point is not to get too overwhelmed and to do  a little per day rather than trying to cram it all at once. I reckon I can do 1/2 a unit per week which should keep me on target. One thing that will handicap this course is the fact that there are relatively few past exam papers. Anyway looking forward to the challenge and can't wait to get the actual books.

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  1. Good luck Chris. I was a bit in two minds to take this last presentation of M338, but it might have been a vain attempt concurrent with M208 and prior to M337 me thought.

    I would be interest to hear your thoughts on MST324 as a lot of your advice helped me decide to take it and I'm very glad I did.