Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wow Results Out Amazing

Well I'm flabbergasted the results have been published today two weeks before I was expecting them.
Anyway as expected I got grade 2 for M208 (4 short of a distinction) and just scrapped a grade 3 for Complex Analysis.

So reasonably satisfied with my grade 2 for M208 but a bit disappointed with my grade 3 for M337 still it's a fair reflection of how I performed on the exam in both cases


  1. The results coming out today really took me by surprise. I didn't expect them until just before Christmas.

    I managed to get 99% for M208 so I was both pleased and astonished.

  2. well done mate your revision must have been quite efficient. Maybe I took on too much still not going to revise my plans just yet.

  3. Congratulations to both.
    M208 is a difficult pure maths course to conquer.
    I've no idea about M337 but assume it's bonkers difficult.
    The MST209 results aren't out for me yet, but I'm in no rush for them. :-)

  4. Well Chris I got the same OES as you if I can keep this upward trend I will be happy.

  5. Hi Chris,

    Long time no post. After my terrible exam experience last month, I wanted to keep maths well out of my mind for a bit, and so haven't really been keeping up to date on you guys' blogs.

    Well done on your results; 90 points of maths in one year without losing it completely is a great achievement in and of itself, and with that in mind a Grade 2 and a Grade 3 are brilliant results.

    I somehow managed to score Grade 2s in both M337 and M381, but I have no idea how I managed that, especially in the latter case. Both were extremely difficult.

    So where are you off too next (I assume if I'd been reading your posts, I'd know this)? Are you onto Topology like me?


  6. Hi Neil Great to hear from you after an understandable interlude and well done grade 2 for 3 level 3 maths courses is truly impressive.
    Yes I'm going to do Topology I was going to do group theory as well but I think I'm not a natural pure mathematician and I think topology will need my full attention. But as I'm missing calculus I'm also going to do MS324 as light relief :)and as preparation for MST326 in October.

    I've also found another diversion to pursue which will help me get back into music. More to follow in the next post.

    Best wishes Chris

  7. Well done Chris. Having seen the breadth of material in M208 I can appreciate you have done very well doing bothe courses in one year. Have a pint on me!

  8. Did anybody publish a list of solutions to the M337 2011 exam?
    I am trying to get a bit ahead over summer, before the M337 course starts up in October, so would appreciate seeing answers.