Tuesday, 27 September 2011

M208 TMA07 back and Gotterdammerung

Got My last TMA for M208 back yesterday just made 90 due to rushing some group theory questions. Think I definitely prefer analysis to group theory or at least to OU group theory. As I've said before the parts that are relevant to physics is representation theory basically concentrating on representing group operations by matrices but this does not seem to play any part in the OU treatment.

Saturday was spent on a last tutorial for M208 Alan my tutor has been wonderfully supportive and I'm lucky to have him. He will be tutoring me for Topology and Group theory next year. Revision for M208 is under control but have to admit M337 needs some attention. I shall focus on this till Monday hopefully I can do two or even three papers by then.

On Sunday as a complete contrast I went to a concert performance of my favourite Wagner Opera
Gotterdammerung played by the Edinburgh Players Opera group.

Of which one of my work colleagues is the Leader. This has been an annual concert in the late summer the players meet for a whole weekend and friends are invited to come along on the Sunday.

It provides an opportunity for both amateur orchestral players and up and coming singers to perform in roles which they would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. Ok so there were a few squeeks and squawks but there were no hitches. It is an amazing experience and I still have the music ringing in my head.


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