Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Next year's courses

Well I've commited myself to the following courses next year

M338 Topology and M336 Groups and Geometry and given that I don't want to take on to much that will be it. However in October 2012 the switch over to October starts will occur and so there wont be any let up as I'll then be straight into Fluid mechanics and Maths methods and Logic and Number theory.

I will probably do two courses from Geoffrey Klempner's Pathways modules Starting in October of this year


Namely metaphysics and philosophy of language, as far as I can tell these are equivalent to typical undergraduate courses in this area. It's the only feasible way of getting the requisite background, I estimate on top of the maths that will work out at about 6 months per course. Assessment is by 5 1000 word essays per course I would have preferred 2000 but one can't have everything I suppose. Then I may or may not squeeze in the 3rd level OU course thought and experience alongside Fluid mechanics and Number theory or leave it a year whilst embarking on the OU MSc in Maths. I have a long term aim to supplement my retirement years by becoming a part time tutor in maths via the OU and I want to be there by the time I'm 60 having moved to part time work at least thats the hope. So despite my earlier misgivings about not doing the MSc I feel I would be stupid not to, I will also make a concrete attempt to see if Edinburgh University will have me in their department of language and logic so I can pursue my dream of investigating the link between contemporary debates in philosophy of language and their application or not to quantum mechanics, But I need to finish the OU courses first.


  1. Chris, where did your reading list for Astrophysicists go? Can you mail me a copy, as it looked very useful.

  2. Yes sorry I was editing it I didn't realise that if you edited something it was withdrawn anyway it's back Hope you enjoy it it was reading your blog that made me think of it and how I could help people like you. Hope you don't mind the personal references to you

    Best wishes Chris