Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bye Bye M346

Well it's with a sad heart that I have to say goodbye to M346, it just wasn't appealing to me and it made me skimp over M337 hopefully I'll be able to salvage something for M337 in time for the next assignment. The pressure of doing 3 assignments and trying to clarify say my understanding of quantum mechanics as well as coping with M346 just wasn't appealing at all. Moral never do 120 points of solely maths courses. Will I look at the rest of the material probably not. Of course it means all my plans of getting named degree's etc are kaput. But I will still end up with two open degrees. Complex analysis will make the last of what I need for my first open degree with honours at tbe end of this academic year. If I get grade two or three I'm heading for a 2-1.

 Then in two years time I will have mainly maths courses with the two philosophy courses to get an effective degree in mathematics and philosophy and hopefully I will get a first who knows only time will tell. I feel a bit relieved.

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